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    • 什麼是「vpn」? 英文「Virtual Private Network」的簡稱,也就是「虛擬私人網路」,是一種連線企業或團體間私人網路的通訊方法。vpn可透過已加密的協議將私人訊息安全地在公用網路中傳送給對方。
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      優質行動版 VPN 能保安全。

      可同時保護 6 台裝置。

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  1. 2024年2月7日 · If you ever connect to public Wi-Fi networks, you should absolutely be using a VPN. Tech expert Rick Broida picks the best.

  2. 2021年9月16日 · Best independently audited VPN: TunnelBear Sure, any VPN can claim it shields you from prying eyes, protects your personal data, yada-yada-yada. But few put their money where their, er, tunnel...

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  4. 2024年1月22日 · When you use a VPN to change your country, avoid censorship or protect your connection in a coffee shop, the VPN server at the other end can see all your network traffic.

  5. 2024年4月9日 · Let's take a deep-dive into the most important VPN benefits: 1. Improved online anonymity The most important thing a VPN does is to protect you and your data. How do they do this?

  6. 2022年11月4日 · 1. 8 best VPN services for browsing securely in 2022. A VPN, or virtual private network, is a tool that masks your internet identity inside a virtual tunnel, hiding your IP address from your ...

  7. 2024年4月21日 · A NordVPN free trial is a great way to test out the popular VPN service, as well as to test if a VPN service is something you want for your home or office.

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    Discover the best VPNs to protect your privacy and unblock content, and get free trials. Reviews of the Best VPN Services Find the Top VPN for Your Needs

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