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  1. 2023年7月4日 · 配合中文版近來推出,我重新校正了之前版本的翻譯名詞,原文提及的卡片,我都有儘量將說明附在旁邊,希望有幫助到各位玩家。. 原文出處:. 原作者:Clark/中文翻譯:Skypray Huang. 第1版:2022/4/5,最新版:2023/7/4 ...

  2. Explore a hypothetical near-future war scenario between the PRC and ROC.

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  3. The definitive source for tabletop games. Find millions of ratings, reviews, videos, photos, and more from our community.

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    2022年10月6日 · Oct 6, 2022 instructional. 【若有修正會置頂在留言區】. ?遊戲名稱:《 Townsfolk Wanted! 派遣小鎮 》. ?遊戲人數: 2-4? | 遊玩時間: 40-80分鐘? ?遊戲介紹: 在《派遣小鎮》中玩家扮演公會長. 透過各種工人幫忙探險與經商建立財富.

  5. 2020年3月17日 · This version has iron clays inside and tray insert.

  6. Try to become rich by making the right decisions! Only the biggest investor can get money out of each company. You must try to read the next steps of your rivals and use your capital and your three hidden cards to win against them and become the biggest shareholder!

  7. In Peaks, you are aspiring mountaineers, beginning the game hiking up iconic hills from around the world as you build your stamina and experience. You will gather equipment and meet companions to assist you in climbing the world's tallest mountains!

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