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  1. Jeng Williamson | Facebook

    Jeng Williamson 已經註冊了 Facebook。加入 Facebook 來聯絡 Jeng Williamson 及更多你可能認識的朋友。Facebook 讓人們盡情分享,將這個世界變得更開闊、聯繫更緊密。

  2. #坤哥在講你有沒有在聽 坤哥開示:Zion NBA首秀20分8籃板!!! 籃球界大事就是Zion Williamson即將強勢回歸 來聽聽坤哥怎麼說? 裘爺來了-李亦伸 本週NBA轉播預告 1/17(五) 09:00 爵士vs鵜鶘 1/18(六) 09:30 老鷹vs馬刺...

  3. Pelicans Nation 公開社團 | Facebook

    Pelicans Nation 有 13,429 位成員。 The place for Pelicans fans to meet and talk about the team! Feel free to add any PELICANS fans only. ... 加入此社團以發表貼文和留言。

  4. 新莊路易叔叔修鞋洗鞋,清洗名牌包包 - 貼文 | Facebook新莊路易叔叔修鞋洗鞋清洗...

    大學時代的威廉森(Zion Williamson)去年2月時穿爆腳下球鞋掀起全球關注,甚至球鞋代言球星喬治(Paul George)也詢問Nike詳情,Nike當下也允諾改善並派專門小組對威廉森進行測試作調整,如今類似事件竟也發生在NBA賽場。

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  5. New Orleans Pelicans - 貼文 | Facebook

    Zion Williamson appeared in 19 games prior to the NBA going on hiatus, but the rookie made a rapid adjustment to the pros, leading his draft class in points and rebounds. The 19-year-old discusses his knack for comedy + what surprised him most ...

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  6. Parkour EDU - 貼文 | Facebook

    Parkour EDU 。 1.3 萬個讚。 ParkourEDU seeks to bring awareness to sustainable training methods, to develop the highest quality of coaching, and promote safe educational facilities.

  7. NBA - SOUND UP: In LeBron They Trust! 🔉🔉 | Facebook

    In LeBron They Trust, Yo That Shot Was Clutch! #NBASoundUp : Gallo Locknez 此頁面的區塊

  8. Basketball Forever - No More State Farm Ads For These Two | Facebook

    Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett listen to another CRAZY Kobe Bryant story from Coach K! 😳 Basketball Forever 11 萬個觀看次數 · 昨天 0:32 A year ago, we saw one of the COLDEST game winners EVER! 🤯 Basketball Forever 20 萬個觀看次數 · 4月24日 7:38 ...

  9. NBA - Community Assist Award Nominee: J.J. Barea | Facebook

    J.J. Barea of the Dallas Mavericks is nominated for the 2017-18 Seasonlong NBA Cares Community Assist Award presented by Kaiser Permanente Thrive! To... 此頁面的區塊

  10. New Traveling Rule 👀 - Pro Basketball Training

    Improve Your Ball Handling At Home - 10 Minute Basketball Workout

    • 今夏NBA的狀元是Zion Williamson ? ...

      ...昨日,在NCAA男籃錦標賽中,杜克大學負於密西根州大,無緣4強,而準狀元Zion Williamson現在要不要參加選秀成為大家關注焦點。 在 ...

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