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  1. Zion Williamson - YouTube

    Zion Williamson No friend Zone 1 video No views Updated today Play all Share Loading... Save Sign in to YouTube Sign in Zion Williamson asked to admit his parents received money & gifts from Duke ...

  2. Zion Williamson agent Gina Ford $100 million lawsuit, Duke payments - Insider

    Zion Williamson's former marketing agent, Gina Ford, has accused the Pelicans superstar of accepting illicit benefits from Adidas, Nike, and Duke itself before committing to play for the Blue Devils. In recent court filings, Ford's ...

  3. Zion Williamson stats, details, videos, and news. |

    Zion Williamson bio, stats, and video highlights. HEIGHT 6 ft 6 in/ 1.98m WEIGHT 284 lbs/ 128.8kg BORN 07/06/2000 AGE 19 years FROM Duke

  4. LeBron James says it's his job to mentor rookie star Zion Williamson - Insider

    Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James said that it's his job to mentor rising NBA talents like Zion Williamson, and that anyone who disagrees with him can "kiss my ass." Speaking after he was seen talking with rookie phenom Williams ...

  5. As the game developed, the other players on SC Supreme kept throwing the ball to No. 12, but that could not possibly be Zion Williamson. He had to be on the bench, resting.

  6. 2020/3/21 · The 5’6 kid who defended Zion Williamson without backing down goes viral again New, 6 comments By Ricky O'Donnell Mar 21, 2020, 11:41am EDT

  7. Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, and NBA’s Most Impressive Rookies So Far - The Ringer

    Zion Williamson, Pelicans The no. 1 pick isn’t past this yet, because he has played all of 10 NBA games. What he’s shown in those 10 games, though? Sweet fancy Moses. Quoth the man himself ...

  8. Zion Williamson: Top 10 highlights of Duke basketball career - Sports Illustrated

    Zion Williamson declared for the NBA draft on Monday, which shouldn't come as a surprise to a single college basketball fan. We knew, or claimed to know, the plan immediately after Zion arrived on ...

  9. Lonzo Ball Is Crafting a Quiet Resurgence Next to Zion Williamson - The Ringer

    In the third quarter against the Mavericks, Zion Williamson made a simple handoff to Lonzo Ball behind the arc, who let it fly the moment his feet were set. Bang, as Mike Breen would say.

  10. Duke sensation Zion Williamson had football scholarship offer from LSU -

    Zion Williamson told ESPN earlier this year that playing football at the next level was never considered. "I didn't get this size until my junior year of high school," he said. "And my school ...

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