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  2. 逢甲優質平價住宿,附免費停車~1分鐘步行逢甲夜市,溫馨主題房型設備舒適自在像在家,立即預約! 歡迎來電或LINE預訂。網友精選60間以上短期商務優質住宿。台中租房短租。‎


  1. ATU develops 130 gongbans annually in areas ranging from smart phones, tablets, smart watches, smart homes, and industrial controls—and distributes the designs for free. WPI then makes money by trading in the boards’ components. "We call this shanzhai in Shenzhen. It’s a mass production artwork,” explains Lawrence Lin head of the ...

  2. Description. By Bernard Lietaer, Gwendolyn Hallsmith: "A Commercial Credit Circuit, or C3, is a financial innovation that resulted from work done in Brazil by Social Trade Organisation, a Dutch research and development NGO. Uruguay has implemented C3s on a national scale and is now accepting the C3 form of currency as payment for taxes.

  3. Epidigital. Epidigital is a term that has gained traction in recent years as a means of articulating developments in contemporary culture, which has seen a move beyond the postdigital mode of the late 20th century. The term is defined by an artist, designer, and forefather of the Postdigital movement, Ryota Matsumoto in 2021.

  4. Different combinations of these causes distinguish three basic mechanisms of mediation or control: markets, which are efficient when performance ambiguity is low and goal incongruence is high; bureaucracies, which are efficient when both goal incongruence and performance ambiguity are moderately high; and clans, which are efficient when goal ...

  5. = a village-based institution of higher education and research for the support of mother-tongue scholars of Afrikan Indigenous knowledge. URL = More Information Video lecture by co-founder Dr. Paulo Wangoola at the University of Victoria, October 25th, 2013

  6. Graph at*EOFI_zpHFzmsSRtD Discussion 1. Jose Ramos: "The following diagram tries to describe the transition we are moving through ...

  7. It's an open, decentralized search protocol for finding files through the peers. Gnutella is a pure P2P network, without any centralized servers. Using the same search protocol, such as Gnutella, forms a compatible network for different applications. Anybody who implements the Gnutella protocol is able to search and locate files on that network.

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