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  1. Hi!I'm 瑜(Yu)哲(Che) and 奕(Yi)安(An)is my girlfriend! This geeklist is our goals in 2015.We hope and eager to play more games rather than just collect them and leave them on shelves,so we set a goal of 200x1 new games! We also set some ...

  2. Puerto Rico review in Chinese | Puerto Rico | BoardGameGeek

    German system of "Puerto Rico" Board game available in 2002, the same year the US English version published by Rio Grande Games. In five consecutive years as the most popular website game now (March 2012) is ...

  3. Boardgame Record's Essen 2013 Watch List | BoardGameGeek

    遊戲名稱:亞美利哥 大約訂價: 期待指數: 關注重點:Stefan Feld 的今年第四作!使用了方塊骰塔。 中文規則:已完成 遊戲介紹: 01 骰塔:限制了可選的行動,骰出來的方塊數最多的某色,其數量就是骰出來的方塊可做的行動點數,每種顏色對應一種行動,變化很多。

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